john lee fisher, jr
7 min readOct 11, 2020

Because people are cut off from the knowledge of scientific law (nature) the source of all that is beneficent and good (truth, love, and joy). By ignorance (the absence of accurate scientific information and knowledge). They mistakenly seek good (truth, abundance, love, and joy) from other erroneous transient sources such as money, power, and prestige. One day they have their physical and emotional needs met and the next day they are suffering for these things. Because they are distant from the true source of truth, abundance, love, and joy which is the knowledge of nature (scientific law). Therefore, they are consumed by fear of not having the things in which they are in need of. Which causes them to be hoarders of money, power, and prestige in a never-ending desire for relief from the distress of being distant from the knowledge of nature (scientific law).

They then seek their sense of worth in other people (prestige) rather than the knowledge of scientific law (nature) the source of all that is manifest in the universe as proclaimed by the gospel John chapter 1verses 1–3. . Consequently, it is the disconnect from the knowledge of scientific law (ignorance, the absence of accurate scientific information) that is the source of division among people, suffering and wars. By men who are failing to realize that the knowledge of scientific law (nature) or truth is the source that unifies us all. And that it is the absence of knowledge of scientific law (nature) or truth on the part of both or one or the other parties that separates us from each other. Because the true source of reality (nature) or scientific knowledge for us all is scientific law. Scientific law is the great equalizer for us all because scientific law is not a respecter of and does not gives special consideration or significance to people (civilizations), persons, places, or things, in all things that are manifest in the universe. Therefore when we separate or distance ourselves from the knowledge of scientific law we not only distance ourselves from each other. But also from our true selves because our individual minds and bodies operate on the principles of scientific law. See, THE SCIENCE OF MIND, BY EARNEST HOLMES, and chapters related to the operation of the SOUL, (the subconscious mind, personality, or human self-consciousness)

Consequently, money, power, and prestige can only provide us with temporary relief from the distress caused by our ignorance (absence of accurate…